Seismic Instrumentation of Buildings

Geos Incorporated continues to provide their seismic instrumentation services using Kinemetrics products to iconic buildings in Metro Manila. With quality accelerometers and seismometers, Geos provides their services to the largest developers and companies in the country, including Ayala Land Incorporated, BPI, Federaland and First Gas (Lopez Group of Companies). Geos in 2011, installed the very first building accelerographs in the Zuellig Building, the Philippines’ first premium-grade office tower noted for its environmentally conscious design, pre-certified by the U.S. Green Building Council of the LEED Gold LevelĀ® and now LEEDĀ® Platinum certified.

If your concern in seismic building instrumentation is quality of service, reliability and dependability, you can’t go wrong with Geos Incorporated in providing this kind of specialist service with its impeccable track record. Many families, businessmen, celebrities, diplomats, and expats, live and hold office in skyscrapers we service, and building management chose a trusted brand for them. Best of all, Geos Inc. does not overprice, because their commitment is on safety, above anything else.

Partial list of buildings with seismic instrumentation from Geos Incorporated