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Saturday, 09 April 2016 03:11

The world’s tallest is set to change yet again  in 2018 with the completion of the Kingdom Tower  © Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

If you want to be at the top of the world with building safety against earthquakes, there is one brand to be with - Kinemetrics, the innovative leader in earthquake instrumentation products. The updated Skycraper list (http://skyscrapercenter.com/company/14274) instrumented by Kinemetrics, include iconic buildings from all over the world, including the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa (828 meters). Others in the top 10 list of Skyscrapers instrumented with Kinemetrics seismic equipment are Taipei 101 (508 meters), ADNOC Headquarters (342 meters), U.S. Bank Tower (310.3 meters), Sky Tower (292.2 meters), World Trade Center (278 meters), Aon Center (261.5 meters), Gas Company Center (228.3 meters), Torre Mayor (225), and 777 Tower (221 meters).


In the Philippines, iconic buildings in the Skyscraper list, like the Zuellig Tower, Park Terraces I, San Lorenzo Tower, Ayala Tower 1 (Makati Stock Exchange), One Legazpi Park, The Columns Legazpi Tower I, The Columns Legazpi Tower II and One Roxas Triangle, are also equipped with Kinemetrics accelerographs. They were installed by Geos, Incorporated, Kinemetrics' trusted supplier, maintenance and service provider in the Philippines.


Kinemetrics Inc. is a global provider of information-driven End-to-End solutions based on high quality hardware and software that deliver highly efficient seismic products. With their industry–leading solutions backed by exceptional service and support, their team of earthquake engineers, geoscientists, and information technologists is an essential part of moving visions forward. Certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, no other company in the world offers a more comprehensive range of solutions that matter most to overcoming today’s seismic challenges. Kinemetrics' brands are respected. They’re experienced. They’re diverse. They’re forward thinking. And this is why Kinemetrics is the premier partner for those who seek actionable solutions that take seismic resilience further, faster.


Kinemetrics Inc. is a member of the Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) at the Contributor level. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat is an international body in the field of tall buildings and sustainable urban design. A non-profit organization based at the Illinois Institute of Technology in the city of Chicago, Illinois, United States, the CTBUH announces the title of "The World's Tallest Building" and is widely considered to be an authority on the official height of tall buildings. Its stated mission is to study and report "on all aspects of the planning, design, and construction of tall buildings."


Geos installs earthquake instruments for clients in need of determining ground acceleration and building performance during earthquakes.  These are required by companies that build/operate critical infrastructure such as powerplants, dams and buildings. The company was formed in 1994 by selected faculty members of the National Institute of Geological Sciences, University of the Philippines, in response to the increasing demand for their professional expertise by industries. Geos continuously provide technical services that bear a mark of quality, high-level professionalism and scientific integrity.

Owners of the world's tallest buildings in the Skyscraper Center list have chosen Kinemetrics instruments because there is no other superior choice.  In the Philippines, being at the top of the world is being with GEOS!

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