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Friday, 14 March 2014 23:36

Ayala Greenbelt Residences



We would like to inform the public that Geos Incorporated is the distributor and accredited service, repair and maintenance company of Kinemetrics products in the Philippines. Other companies which sell seismic products other than Kinemetrics and who represent themselves to be owned by the Board Directors of Geos are fake and liable to legal action. 


Geos Incorporated yesterday won the Ayala Land Property Management Corporation (APMC) call for bids to install accelerometers or strong motion seismometers in their buildings. This is a milestone not only for the company but for the country as well, as it sets the trend for seismic building instrumentation in properties owned by developers who value quality products and integrity of service.  The accelerometers to be installed is part of the compliance requirements stipulated in the Structural Code of the Philippines for building safety.

Geos will use nothing less than products from Kinemetrics, the innovative world leader in earthquake monitoring. It is the same company that installed seismometers for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Statue of Liberty in New York, the Sphinx, Egypt and for majority of buildings in Los Angeles, USA, compliant with the LA building code.  The accelerometer of Kinemetrics is approved for building instrumentation in the State of California as it satisfies the requirements stipulated in the integrated triaxial accelerograph guidelines of the California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (CSMIP).

APMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ayala Land Inc. engaged in integrated property management services including building administration and maintenance.  Founded in 1834Ayala Land Incorporated, which has numerous properties within the Central Business District of the Philippines, lives up to a distinguished legacy built on the vision of its founders and through the generations of leaders who recognized unique opportunities for transformation.


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